Walter P Moore

The renowned multi-national engineering firm was preparing for some restructuring of their own—namely a high-profile leadership transition. So to navigate this exciting chapter, Walter P Moore asked us to help galvanize its employees under a unifying brand and messaging system. 

We got down and dirty to learn more about the brand’s foundation, engaging each office and interviewing everyone we could justify. With this insight, we crafted an overarching messaging platform (“Driven by the Challenge”) to distill and establish the firm’s vision. This quickly evolved into a full-fledged 360 branding campaign. The clients were so behind it they updated their core values to reflect our new positioning.  

At its very nature, Walter P Moore is a malleable business. So to bring that to life while supporting their existing corporate branding, we created a fluid identity system surrounding the campaign as a foundational extension of their new messaging platform. Plus, moving pictures are way cooler.

As space is an important aspect of their business, we went all meta and customized their Houston HQ to reflect the new branding. This included custom posters, glass curtain walls, and large-scale installations.

We also created a campaign video to introduce the new branding and messaging strategy during the CEO’s first official Town Hall—and at the end, people across all 20 offices actually cheered. 

Better yet, we gave employees super special, eco-friendly t-shirts made from combed cotton and recycled plastic—a comfortable emblem of the firm’s commitment to sustainability. We created custom water bottles (also from recycled plastic) to keep employees hydrated amidst all the excitement. Oh, and they all got new campaign-centric screensavers.   

After the internal Town Hall, we shared the good news with the firm’s top clients via custom HTML emails and direct mail pieces, explaining Walter P Moore’s new leadership and the fresh vision that came with it.   

With the brand established internally, we took to designing a snazzy microsite (or digital leave-behind) to reach WPM’s external audiences. There, current and potential clients can view the firm’s past projects, get an idea about their culture, and reach out to start a new project.

To spread the word about the new branding, we secured several editorial features in top industry publications—including two cover placements and a thought leadership piece written by the new CEO.

Aside from solidifying Walter P Moore’s culture across 20 global offices and successfully ushering in a new CEO, our work also garnered unsolicited and overwhelmingly positive remarks from the firm’s employees, their partners and even independent industry insiders.  The campaign even won first place at the Society for Marketing Professional Services (or THE marketing award in the AEC industry). Go team.  

"Awesome work Team Tangelo! You have truly been a great partner through the year of our transition. You have a talented team that values and delivers on client expectations."

Dilip Choudhuri, President & CEO, Walter P Moore
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