YES Prep Public Schools

In light of their incredible growth, YES Prep Public Schools approached us to design a new website. So we booked up—conducting in-depth interviews with their teachers, parents, administrators, third graders, high school seniors and even architects to fully understand the school’s challenges. Turns out, the website was only part of it.  

Having visited their many campuses to experience YES Prep’s culture first hand, we discovered that despite strong leadership, great student results and widespread community support, they lacked a cohesive brand to share their story. To fix this, we started by creating a distinct identity (logo, typography, guidelines, the works) to streamline and solidify their presence before going to web.  

We also developed custom-illustrated, tattoo-worthy* mascots to reflect the distinct character of each campus.*run it by mom first.

In the midst of our work, YES Prep also began to break ground to build new campuses, giving us the opportunity to work directly with their contractors to help design the new spaces—including custom signage. So we put a bird on it.

Now with the brand foundation firmly in place, we turned to their communications platform. Few YES Prep parents have access to home computers, so we designed and developed a fully responsive website for families to easily engage with the brand on their mobile devices.  

It was pretty life affirming to see the positive results of our work over the past year in the midst of designed a defining annual report that reflected YES Prep’s unprecedented growth. 

And because it’s scientifically impossible to give too much to a great organization, we also worked with YES Prep to develop their capital campaign. By strategically conveying their vision through an editorial style print piece, our branding work and messaging strategy have helped to raise over $56 million for the school and their many initiatives.  

“I just went through the entire website, watched all the videos, looked at all the pictures, and just marveled at the entire piece of graphic design and technical genius that is our new site. You somehow managed to capture the rich, powerful culture of YES in a website that is simultaneously cutting edge and professional.”

Mark DiBella, Chief Executive Officer, YES Prep
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